Online Learning Leads to Secure Career

By Karli Steen, WorkStory Ambassador

Shane Cuillerier wanted a change of scenery from the Walmart Electronics department, so he began his search online, where, at Blue Knight Security, he found the courses necessary to apply to write a Security Exam. He started at a slow pace, then, during recovery from surgery, he took the time to accelerate through the course order to get his mind off of the recovery process. Shane completed his Private Security & Investigative Service Act course (PSISA), and applied to take the Provincial Security Exam which he passed.

Shane says that almost everything from his studies continues to stick with him, because it is practical and he uses the protocol every day: "What I've learned while doing my studies online is what makes a great security guard vs. your average guard. You need to put other people's values in your mind like they're your own. Let's say I was watching over someone's summer home while they were gone away. In my mind I pretend it's my property, making sure nothing happens to it. It just makes me focus so much more. I learned how to deal with unwanted people without it getting out of hand; how to talk to people who are very angry, so that I can de-escalate the situation. I learned about a lot of laws around Canada; what I can do and can't do. When I'm allowed to use force and not."  The only thing Shane hasn't had to exercise is what to do in the face of a robbery --  and he hopes he will not have to!

Working in the security field wasnt always in Shanes plans. He recalls his father teaching him to draw at the age of six and that for years he had an interest in careers related to drawing and creativity.  While in school, he wanted to be everything from a graphic designer to a professional gardener.  However, more recently, Shane became interested in work done by police officers, which resulted in pursuing the security qualification and gaining necessary security-related experience.

Currently, Shane works at a medicinal production plant. His job is to monitor cameras and workers to make sure everything runs smoothly. At the end of a shift, he records all the happenings in a log book. The most rewarding part of the job, he says, is providing the people you work for with a sense of protection. He loves coming to work every day knowing that those he works for are happy to see him.

The next step for Shane is to apply for both his restricted and non-restricted gun licenses. He also hopes to apply to Garda, where he will learn the practices of money transfers for either banks or businesses.  

When asked for advice for those entering the security field, Shane emphasizes the importance of paying close attention to detail.  If anything happens in a tight situation, the more detail that one is able to give, the better!