WorkStory Founders 

WorkStory was created by Natalie Allen and David Stanley who work at two Canadian universities. Natalie’s at Western and David’s at Guelph. They teach and conduct research (sometimes together; sometimes not) on the psychology of work. They believe that work stories can inspire futures.

David took a quite indirect career route. He was always interested many things (and still is) and found it quite difficult to decide upon a career path. He switched programs many times before settling in on his current career path in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (which he loves). Consequently, he empathizes with anyone who has difficulty finding the type of work they will enjoy. To learn more about what David is currently doing have a look at his homepage.

Natalie’s career path was a bit more direct, but by no means a straight line. As an undergrad, she dabbled in English, then “discovered” Psychology (it was actually there all along). She spent a year working in a bank before beginning the journey to, and through, graduate school in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (which she also loves). Natalie’s homepage describes the research underway at The TeamWork Lab that she directs at Western. 

David and Natalie think that most of us hear too few work stories. The right one at the right time might be all that is needed to set you on a path to work that you love.