Stylerunner: Julie & Sali’s Fashion Story

Another entrepreneurial sibling story!  Australian twins Julie and Sali were looking for workout clothing with fashion and style – all in one online shop.    Finding nothing that fit the bill, they made some decisive career moves and launched Stylerunner!  Sylvia Pennington tells their inspiring fashion story!

“…It was a business opportunity that couldn’t be passed up, says Julie Stevanja, who was living in London at the time. She packed in her job with a film streaming technology start-up and hotfooted it home to Sydney to team up with sister Sali, a recruitment consultant, in getting the venture off the ground.”

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Online Learning Leads to Secure Career

By Karli Steen, WorkStory Ambassador

Shane Cuillerier wanted a change of scenery from the Walmart Electronics department, so he began his search online, where, at Blue Knight Security, he found the courses necessary to apply to write a Security Exam. He started at a slow pace, then, during recovery from surgery, he took the time to accelerate through the course order to get his mind off of the recovery process. Shane completed his Private Security & Investigative Service Act course (PSISA), and applied to take the Provincial Security Exam which he passed.

Shane says that almost everything from his studies continues to stick with him, because it is practical and he uses the protocol every day: "What I've learned while doing my studies online is what makes a great security guard vs. your average guard. You need to put other people's values in your mind like they're your own. Let's say I was watching over someone's summer home while they were gone away. In my mind I pretend it's my property, making sure nothing happens to it. It just makes me focus so much more. I learned how to deal with unwanted people without it getting out of hand; how to talk to people who are very angry, so that I can de-escalate the situation. I learned about a lot of laws around Canada; what I can do and can't do. When I'm allowed to use force and not."  The only thing Shane hasn't had to exercise is what to do in the face of a robbery --  and he hopes he will not have to!

Working in the security field wasnt always in Shanes plans. He recalls his father teaching him to draw at the age of six and that for years he had an interest in careers related to drawing and creativity.  While in school, he wanted to be everything from a graphic designer to a professional gardener.  However, more recently, Shane became interested in work done by police officers, which resulted in pursuing the security qualification and gaining necessary security-related experience.

Currently, Shane works at a medicinal production plant. His job is to monitor cameras and workers to make sure everything runs smoothly. At the end of a shift, he records all the happenings in a log book. The most rewarding part of the job, he says, is providing the people you work for with a sense of protection. He loves coming to work every day knowing that those he works for are happy to see him.

The next step for Shane is to apply for both his restricted and non-restricted gun licenses. He also hopes to apply to Garda, where he will learn the practices of money transfers for either banks or businesses.  

When asked for advice for those entering the security field, Shane emphasizes the importance of paying close attention to detail.  If anything happens in a tight situation, the more detail that one is able to give, the better!

It’s a Jungle Out There: The Jobmanji Story

By Guy Baldwin

Starting a new business from scratch isn't the easiest thing to do, but that's exactly what Jacob Johnson and Guy Baldwin have done with their inspired idea to create a jobs website that pulls all the information from thousands of recruiters into one easy-to-access place.

Jobmanji is the new kid on the block in the online jobs sector and is taking on a market that has been established for many years and is highly competitive. The launch of Jobmanji's Canadian site, following hugely successful launches in the UK and US, marks another milestone in the company's global strategy.

Jacob and Guy knew exactly what they were taking on when they developed the concept of Jobmanji. As Jacob explains: "I had experienced the frustration of both recruiters and job seekers when I was doing IT work for a recruitment agency. Recruiters were having problems getting their information out to where they wanted it to go because there were so many different job sites available, and people looking for jobs either didn't know where to go for information or had to trawl through multiple sites to find what they wanted."

So the idea was born to create one website to pull together all jobs available on other sites as well as those posted directly by recruiters.

As Jacob says: "What we wanted to do was save job seekers the hassle of searching dozens of websites and making recruiters know that their jobs are easily accessible in the one place. We've put a lot of resources into giving recruiters and those looking for work the information and back-up to be confident that Jobmanji can deliver what they need."

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and Jobmanji has satisfied many appetites since its initial launch at the beginning of 2013.

Guy, Jobmanji's Marketing Director, says: "In our first year we have had 1.2 million unique visits, 7.9 million page views and advertised 3.75 million jobs in the UK alone. That shows that Jobmanji is offering exactly what people want, and our central hub is delivering a really effective service."

So how does a business idea in the sharp, competitive world of online recruitment become a reality? It needs the right people to deliver the vision, and this is where Jobmanji has brought together the ideal team. Combining experience of cutting-edge technology and astute business administration, the company has the expertise to continue developing its concept worldwide and the resources from investors to achieve the vision.

"Make no mistake," says Jacob. "Our goal is to help people who want to find jobs and those who want to attract the best people for their jobs. The process for Jobmanji is simple and that's how we intend to keep it. No more wandering through a maze of other job seeking sites – everything is here."

Jacob's background is in computing and includes the ability to program in several languages, administer Linux servers and work with cloud computing and network security. These skills allowed him to develop the basic site whilst Guy continued research and developing the company. Guy's experience ranges from working for a successful family business doing corporate restructuring and insolvency to managing a variety of enterprises including construction, manufacturing, haulage, marketing and recruitment, skills that have helped build Jobmanji into the successful company it is today.

The idea of one central job search site proved attractive to investors, and with that financial impetus the company took on Marcos Lujan as a core team member. Marcos' background and training is in IT, having studied computer science in the USA, and he has wide ranging knowledge of both hardware and software issues as well as the ability to program in several languages. His experience in online marketing has brought significant added value to Jobmanji, and he is responsible for the company's search engine optimization team.

Jacob is clear about Jobmanji's vision. "Everything starts from an idea, and our idea was to help people who recruit and those looking for work to place and find jobs from a central website'" he says. "We use sophisticated technology to ensure users are able to find jobs quickly, matching their skills and experience to what recruiters are looking for. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for recruiters to upload information and for job hunters to access it.

" Another important aspect of Jobmanji is our section on tips and advice for jobseekers. We want to share our knowledge of the recruitment business so that people can find and prepare for their dream job.

"It's a jungle out there and if you can't see the wood for the trees you're looking in the wrong place. With Jobmanji you're looking in the right place!"

Since its launch Jobmanji has already proved phenomenally popular both with recruiters and job seekers, and the core trio of Jacob, Guy and Marcos are moving forward with their plans to add more countries to the site.