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Whether it be video or text, your story should help someone else decide if they might like the type of work you do. Some ideas for your WorkStory are below - but they are not a script! Just try to tell other people why they might like your job. Tip: You can write or record your WorkStory yourself, or you can request one of our WorkStory writers to tell your story for you!

What do you do?  

On a typical day, I am likely to…
And on an unusual day…

What’s great about your work?  

What do I like best about my job...
The coolest things about my job are…
Other great stuff...
How did you get there?  

Why/how do I think I got this job?

The credentials part: Training? Education? Work experience? Volunteer work?
Advice you would give others?  
Other stuff:  Called people? Studied the industry? Asked friends? Networked?

Don't get yourself into trouble. If you mention your employer by name - be sure to ask permission first.

If you use the YouTube video option, please keep your video to 5 minutes or less.

Recording your WorkStory: 

You can record your video and upload it to YouTube or use YouTube to record your video online. We recommend using YouTube to record your video online to avoid the lengthy upload process afterwards.
To record or upload your video go to; you will need to login to YouTube to record/upload your video. 
You may provide WorkStory with the http:// link to your video below.

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