Introducing Shawn Meehan of “Me and Mae”

By Annette Dawm, WorkStory Ambassador

For Shawn Meehan, music is “not really a job but a way of life”. Shawn is a member of the British Columbia-based country band known as “Me and Mae”. (The name of the band is a play on words with Shawn’s last name as well as the name of a former band member.) Collectively, the band now has six members. Over the last few months, however, Meehan and his band-mate, Colette Trudeau have traveled as a duo promoting their latest single, “Feel Good Feelin’ ” while visiting radio stations across Canada. As seen in the photograph, Colette and Shawn included London, Ontario as one of their tour stops. They did a performance and an interview with Gary Taylor at BX93’s “Green Room” located inside the Covent Garden Market. (Country artists perform at the market almost every Thursday afternoon!)

During the promotional tour, Shawn says that he learned the importance of “getting out there” and connecting with those in the radio industry across the country, which he thoroughly enjoyed. As he put it, I love performing …. I love traveling and meeting new people and living in hotel rooms!”

Shawn is no stranger to life on the road. Having moved around Canada as a kid, he said that it was these types of experiences that helped him prepare for touring today. A few years ago, Shawn moved from Quebec to Toronto to attend Humber College’s music program: “I [was] playing gigs since I was 13 years old. I rarely ever said no to any opportunity. Humber College was tough to get in. They accepted 25 guitar players a year and 500 auditioned.” Shawn also noted that the journey to becoming a pro recording artist is not for faint of heart.

In addition to making connections with fans and radio personnel in a live setting, Me and Mae also has a strong social media presence. On Thursdays, the band will post event updates via their Facebook and Twitter pages. Each week they also present “Me and Mae Mondays”. Every Monday, a different member will get to do a “virtual show and tell” so that everyone can get to know them better through their photographs and stories.

Meehan credits The Eagles as a “huge influence” on his career: “I grew up listening to rock and country rock. I didn't see my Dad often growing up, but when I did he always had the Eagles playing in his car. So the Eagles are very dear to me…. I'm a huge fan! They hold the bar for me. We strive to be that great! I did play in rock bands for years but came back to country about five years ago when I started Me and Mae.”

In the early days of Me and Mae, Shawn was also a guitar teacher. He literally had a star pupil, Carly Rae Jepsen. According to Shawn, “she was a great student and very nice person. She actually co-wrote the first Me and Mae single called ‘Love Me, Leave Me Lonely’”. For Shawn Meehan, it has been very rewarding to see Jepsen’s career take off and he is sure to see much more success of his own with Me and Mae. For more information, please visit