Finding the Right Fit: Travis’ Story

By Annette Dawm, WorkStory Ambassador

Travis Tibbo, who is known for helping his own community in times of need, seems to have made the right career choice as a Community Support Worker. When asked why he loves his job, Travis replied:

I love my job because it is very rewarding. Every day, the work I do is helping others to live the life they want. Hearing somebody say ‘thanks’ at the end of a shift always makes the job worthwhile.”

Raised in Chesley, ON, Travis “took the college route” and attended Fanshawe College in London for the Developmental Service Worker program. He graduated in 2013. Travis began working in his field while at school and has had various work experiences which led to where he is today:

“I work at Community Living Owen Sound and District. I started off working in Community Living London while I was going to school. While I was there, I worked in a residential house which was lived in by four gentlemen and one lady. Right before graduation, I had an interview to work in Port Elgin. I got a 20 hour contract and I also worked casual part-time.”

Unfortunately at this point, Travis was not receiving enough hours, so he took on a position at a youth correctional facility known as “Pine Hill”. Although this was outside of his field, Tibbo was used to working with different types of behavioural issues and was willing to give it a try. Then he was offered the full-time position at Community Living in Owen Sound, where he works now. Travis said that “it was the same district as Port Elgin, but just a new location.” He accepted the offer and he saw his hours increase, which made him very happy.

The Developmental Service Worker Program helped Travis a great deal in his career. He is very lucky that everything he learned can actually be applied on the job:

“I learned how to write SMART goals, which I use mostly every day. I also had 3 separate placements which helped me decide what I would like to do. I now support people who live mostly independently and help to support them with their everyday tasks. I help to assist them with their jobs or volunteer placements and also with their everyday needs like banking, shopping, hygiene, apartment supports (like cooking and cleaning) plus anything more they would need. Everything that I have learned in school I can use in my every day at work, from proper documenting to proper delivery of medication.” Travis also acquired knowledge of various disabilities while he was in college. With this information, he is able to “gain a rapport” with the individuals that he supports.

Travis Tibbo works very hard at what he does but he also has fun at the same time! So, if you have been considering a career similar to Travis’, then he thinks you are already on the right path towards doing what you love. Here is his advice for you:

“The only thing I can say to someone who would like to go to school for a Developmental Service Worker is, ‘DO IT!’ You will not regret it, as it is one of the most fun-filled, rewarding jobs I have had. Most days it doesn't even feel like a job. It's so much fun!”