A Footloose Life

By Tahirih Foroozan, WorkStory Contributor

Sabrina Naz’s dance career didn’t start in the dance studio…it began with her journey of self-discovery.  Sabrina is half Trinidadian and half Romanian.  Growing up she struggled to find her place between the two. It was at her mother’s dance studio, Diversity Performing Dance Club, where she not only started to understand her culture but her flare for Caribbean dance and performance art.

“Dance was one of those vehicles that drove me into knowing what my culture was and who I am.” Sabrina says.


Now, she specializes in Soca, Dancehall and Caribbean dance. 

While other professions require more traditional training, Sabrina took on a more holistic approach.  She describes her approach to training as “really learning through performance.” By attending different workshops, in Calgary, New York and Trinidad, attending the Decidedly Jazz Danceworks extension program, taking a variety of workshops and auditioning for everything she could find, Sabrina has perfected her craft.  Now Sabrina teaches Soca and dancehall in Calgary, heads the dance group Casa de Naz and is a part of the performance group the Bad Girls Club.

When Sabrina’s not dancing she uses her time wisely by relaxing, attending Caribbean fetes, going for a massage…anything that sparks inspiration that she can later bring to the dance floor. She says the main thing to becoming a dancer is perseverance, commitment and struggle, but it’s important to maintain balance.  Of course a healthy diet, regular exercise and stretch all come with being a dancer, but rest and relaxation becomes just as important.

Although Sabrina does work as a dancer and performer full time, she does have to be honest, like most artists she has a part time job.  To supplement her income Sabrina works as a “restaurant hostess with the most-ess.”

Sabrina shows no signs of stopping.  She spent this past summer performing and traveling in British Columbia and dancing in Toronto’s Caribana Festival and Cariwest in Edmonton.  Sabrina says she can’t imagine doing anything else. “It’s so exciting, it’s such a high.  Honestly, I don’t think there is a moment when I am not doing anything pertaining to dance.”